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AW MINIATURES PAINTING SERVICE I have 30 years experience painting miniatures and I can guarantee the work will be completed by me Andrew Wilson owner of AW Miniatures. I will not out source your figures so you will get a consistent finished figure. I will try and get your order painted within a 4 week period. however, during busy periods it may be longer, I'll let you know. Email me at: or call me - see contact us for details - If you have any questions regarding timescale of commission. If you buy the figures from AW Miniatures the website will work out the cost of painting including the price of the figures. If you wish to send me your figures a price guide below gives my current price list.   Please note - The price 'INCLUDES' basing, I don't charge extra for this, the price you see is for making up, painting and basing.  Price per item 25/28mm                     Foot/crew figure  £4.00    Cavalry  £8.00    Gun/Limber/Wagon/Chariot £10.00          Price per item 15mm      Foot/crew figure  £1.70    Cavalry  £2.50    Gun/Limber/Wagon/Chariot  £5.00          Price per item 10mm      Foot/crew figure  £0.50    Cavalry  £0.80    Gun/Limber/Wagon/Chariot  £0.80     What you get with all painted figures Plastic figures are taken from spruce then cleaned and glued to make up the figure Metal figures filed and cleaned up Figures are then primed with a matt undercoat Figures get a base coat with highlights All 28mm figures receive eyes, if the sculpt allows! All figures then receive a gloss varnish followed by matt varnish And to finish off! Based to your choice Included in the price - no hidden extra cost for basing, AW Miniatures will base all figures with MDF and fine ballast, small rocks and grass.  Basing Options I will stand figures to a base and use the standard green grass/flock.  If this is fine then great, leave it to us. Otherwise tell us how you want your figures based.  And choose what type of grass/snow/flock you want.   Contact me or call me for any questions you have